My name is Aarathi Nirmalan. I am currently in my fifth year of studying architecture at Northeastern University. I will be graduating in May 2015. This website is both a place for me to show my portfolio and practice my new coding abilities. I am proud to say that this website is something I have coded myself from scratch, with a little help from my teachers. While I do believe I still have a long way to go I hope this website is a start and a place for me to improve and practice.

My Design Philosophy:

I am interested in multiple forms of design. I might have gone the route to become an artist but I am interested in functional side of design and how to design to help people with their everyday needs or more important ones. Studying Architecture will give me the fundamentals in design and let me learn practical skills that will help me in any form of design. I also like to think "If I can get through Architecture, I can get through anything."
Contact info:

Email: aarathi.nirmalan@gmail.com

Link to Linkedin Account: Aarathi Nirmalan